Saturday, April 25, 2009

Planned Units:

I've spent months ago researching, sketching, sculpting and acquiring models for a Slaaneshi daemon army. Now the goal here is to create a playable tournament army, that both unique and characterful. So, will be no stock GW models, everything will be getting some sort of conversion. These conversion with be heavily influenced by "Slaves to Darkness" and Liber Chaotica". While, I'm not going for perversion, there will be some naughty bits, we are talking Slaanesh after all. Hopefully this blog will help me stay motivated. All comments and critiques are most welcome.

Since in Codex Daemons pretty much forces you to use a mixed gods list. I'm using "count as" to keep things Slaaneshi.

Here's what I have planned so far:


1 Keeper of Secrets (Forgeworld - converted)
2 Heralds (sculpted mini Keepers = counts as Heralds in chariots)


12 Pleasureseekers (converted plastic daemonettes mounted on winged steeds of Slaanesh) = counts as Fiends
12 Wyrms (winged snakes w/ steeds of Slaanesh style heads) = counts as Flamers
12 Gluttons (converted ogre bulls = counts as Blood Crushers)


40 Daemonettes (6th edition - metal daemonettes)
60 Daemonettes (plastic daemonettes w/ reposing and weapon swaps)
12 Slayers (plastic daemonettes converted to running poses w/ custom bliss giver swords) = counts as Bloodletters
24 Tormentors (converted grave ghouls is B/
SM gear) = Plaguebearers
24 Gorgons (plastic daemonettes tentacle hair, and blazing eyes) = Horrors
1 Changeling (a plastic daemonette in a commissar cap, jacket, and bolt pistol)
12 Imp bases (custom sculpted, evil munchkins)


10 Seekers (mounted daemonettes - metal)
26 Seekers (converted plastic daemonettes on sculpted mounts)
12 Furies (converted plastic daemonettes w/ feathered wings)


3 Daemon Princess (custom sculpts)
3 Slaaneshi Soul Grinders (custom sculpts)